History Of The Blarney Stone  

As the name suggests, Blarney stone is actually surrounded by very tall myths and tales all together. When it comes to describing its history or its origin, then people do not miss any chance of exploring their knowledge about this legend present even today. Some of these stories steep inside its history as well as the geology of the ages gone long back whereas there are a few that sound like pure Blarney.

Blarney Stone is basically a single block of bluestones, the material similar to the one used in the megaliths of Stonehenge. There are people carrying the belief that this stone is basically half of the original Stone of Scone, the one upon which the maiden King of Scots got seated during the coronation in the year 847. Stories claim that a part of this stone was actually presented to Cormac McCarthy in 1314. It was basically a gift to Irish as a returned favor for their support towards the Scots during the Battle of Bannockburn.

On the other hand, family members who are still associated with the Blarney Castle have various different stories about the Blarney Stone as well as about the magic powers that it holds. Although most of these stories believe the origin of Blarney Stone from Ireland, there are various others which claim that it ended up in Scotland whereas it was then returned to Ireland in 1314. However some of these stories are hard to imagine but the impact and the faith that they have laid amongst people can also not be ignored.

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History Of The Blarney Stone




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