Kissing The Blarney Stone  

Blarney Stone, which is basically a block of bluestone, was built into the Blarney Castle battlements. There are several stories as well as myths associated with it and people not only believe them but also follow them with great devotion. Kissing the Blarney Stone is a tradition that is followed by people looking out for help or great blessings.

As per the legend, kissing the Blarney Stone, endows the person with the skill of flattery. This stone was basically set into the tower of Castle in the year 1446. This castle is amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland which attracts people throughout the world. They come and kiss the stone, tour this castle as well as its gardens apart from following the tradition.

After various stories, beliefs, traditions, and faiths associated with the Blarney Stone, the word blarney has been known to mean things like flattering, clever or coaxing talk. This ritual of kissing this stone has been followed and practiced by around millions of people all around the world which includes the statesmen, legends belonging to the entertainment industry, literary giants, and various other famous people.

Kissing the Blarney Stone is not achieved casually. In order to kiss this stone with the lips, one has to ascend to the peak of this castle and then lean over backwards on the edge of the parapet; this is though traditionally achieved with the help of some assistant. Though several people have succeeded doing so, people with acrophobia will still have a problem with it.

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Kissing The Blarney Stone




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Location-Of-The-Blarney-Stone      The location of Blarney Stone is known to be in the village of Blarney which is around five miles or say eight kilometers northwest of Cork n Ireland. It is actually a block of bluestone that was created into the Blarney Castle battlements. It is amongst the most attracted tourist places throughout the world and people from various walks of life come and visit this tourist attraction throughout the year. More..




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