Declaration Of Independence Pros And Cons  

Declaration of Independence is basically an affirmation of independence of some aspiring state or the states. Such places are basically declared from some part or of the whole territory of some other nation or a failed nation or say breakaway territories from within some larger states. Though not all of the declarations of independence have been successful and have resulted in independence of all these regions, there has been a decent figure so far.

Such declarations of independence are usually made without any consent of parent states and thus are sometimes called as unilateral declarations especially by those who come and question the validity of these declarations. In several cases, independence is even achieved without any declaration but then they involve bilateral agreement. As the details suggest that this is not always sure that the declaration would be in favor of those making it, there are various aspects associated with it. There are various pros and cons related to a declaration of independence.

As far as the advantages are concerned, it helped states getting free from the Britain’s quarrels with the European neighbors. Then it paved way for the other countries towards freedom from the British rule and attain their own individuality, they could be freed from the obeying of the laws set up by the British. On top of all, they could create a democracy of their own.

On the other hand, there are also various drawbacks that a state might have to experience in some cases. These include the fact that some of the Americans had families in Britain and, thus, did not want to have family conflicts. Moreover, they were the first country to try such things and thus there was higher degree of risk involved. On top of all, British Empire which was the largest power at that point of time became their enemies.

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Declaration Of Independence Pros And Cons




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Facts-About-The-Declaration-Of-Independence      Independence is a way through individuals expresses themselves in any country. It is also necessary if a nation is ruled by any other country. The main reason for the US independence was its separation from Britain. The process began with a Declaration, which was kept in front of King further breaking the existence of colonies. The reason a government should take over the additional responsibility was felt as that was one of the reasons for people to voice over their rights. Thomas Jefferson was the mind behind a need for declaration and was established on 11th June 1776. More..




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