Facts About The Declaration Of Independence  

Independence is a way through individuals expresses themselves in any country. It is also necessary if a nation is ruled by any other country. The main reason for the US independence was its separation from Britain. The process began with a Declaration, which was kept in front of King further breaking the existence of colonies. The reason a government should take over the additional responsibility was felt as that was one of the reasons for people to voice over their rights. Thomas Jefferson was the mind behind a need for declaration and was established on 11th June 1776.

Congress had appointed a prime Committee of Five to specially look and make the first draft of Declaration. This so called committee consisted of Roger Sherman, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. The committee initially began with discussing about the general outline and then writing a first draft. This draft was reviewed and rewritten after incorporating views from everyone. On 28th June 1776 the draft and a copy titled "A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress assembled" was presented. There were debates that took place immediately and Congress finally approved it on 4th July 1776.

Firstly, the draft gives Americans the right to be politically and socially independent. He or she has the equal rights to life, happiness and liberty. King George was considered unfit to rule the nation due to major inability to handle grievances. Also, fellow Americans have the right to abolish British rule in the nation to remain independent. Congress did ensure that the Declaration of Independence was signed by the delegates on 19th July 1776. Most of who signed on 2nd August 1776 followed by few others. Edward Rutledge was the youngest out of all and Benjamin Franklin being the oldest. In all 56 delegates signed the declaration. The main idea and purpose of the Declaration was to make people aware to revolt strongly against oppressors.

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Facts About The Declaration Of Independence




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How-Many-Men-Signed-The-Declaration-Of-Independence      The Declaration of Independence is basically the statement that was adopted by the US Congress in the year 1776 and it claimed that the 13 American colonies, which were then at a war with Britain, were now to be independent states. Thus they were not to a part of Britain any longer. This testament was basically written by Thomas Jefferson. More..




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