How Many Men Signed The Declaration Of Independence ?  

The Declaration of Independence is basically the statement that was adopted by the US Congress in the year 1776 and it claimed that the 13 American colonies, which were then at a war with Britain, were now to be independent states. Thus they were not to a part of Britain any longer. This testament was basically written by Thomas Jefferson.

The Declaration is known for justifying the US independence by listing all the colonial grievances against Britain by asserting certain specific natural rights which even included the right of revolution. As far as the total number of people signing the Declaration of Independence is concerned, there are 56 men who were a part of this from 2nd August 1776 till 22nd January 1777. This even included 2 future presidents along with the 3 vice presidents and ten other members of the US Congress.

Out of all the 56 men who actually signed the Declaration of Independence, John Adams was the very first person to do so. The Declaration was the very first document which is known for announcing the independence of the colonies of the US from the clutches of the Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson who drafted this declaration was the third US president and this declaration was adopted on July 4, 1776. This day is known Independence Day since then. This was signed by people on 2nd August 1776 which included delegates from all the thirteen colonies. This Declaration is now on display in the Charters of Freedom in the National Archives.

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How Many Men Signed The Declaration Of Independence ?




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Purpose-Of-The-Declaration-Of-Independence-In-Summary      Declaration of Independence is an insightful statement that is known to be adopted by all the representatives of all the 13 colonies of the US. This declaration was adopted on 4 July 1776 and the document announced all these colonies as independent states and free from the rule of Great Britain. More..




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How Many Men Signed The Declaration Of Independence ? )
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