Purpose Of The Declaration Of Independence In Summary  

Declaration of Independence is an insightful statement that is known to be adopted by all the representatives of all the 13 colonies of the US. This declaration was adopted on 4 July 1776 and the document announced all these colonies as independent states and free from the rule of Great Britain.

There is always a soul purpose behind any revolution or protest and this declaration too had its own purpose which ultimately gave courage to all these representatives to fight for their own independence. Like many other states and countries, the US was also a colony under Great Britain. British established their rule over the US through trade in the beginning. But soon they started behaving authoritarian and divided the land into 13 different territories and began to rule them.

They even started taxing the people unnecessarily on the goods of their everyday usage such as tea, paper, glass, etc. Their rule even led to monopoly on trade as well as the tax on tea as it could not be grown on land. When people got really agitated from all such exploitation, they thought of revolting for their own rights. Thus, all the representatives of these thirteen colonies met together and decided to stand against the British rule which has taken their own land, their own trade, and on top of all their own independence from them. Declaration of Independence was the ultimate step which brought them all success and finally provided them the freedom they were looking forward to for such a long time.

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Purpose Of The Declaration Of Independence In Summary




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Reasons-For-The-Declaration-Of-Independence      There are several reasons behind the Declaration of Independence. Many of them are associated with the time when the declaration was written whereas there are several others that are more recent. But on a whole it can be said that the US is now very happy with the Declaration if Independence. Till this declaration was announced or made, United Sates was under the colonial rule of the Great Britain. More..




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