Reasons For The Declaration Of Independence  

There are several reasons behind the Declaration of Independence. Many of them are associated with the time when the declaration was written whereas there are several others that are more recent. But on a whole it can be said that the US is now very happy with the Declaration if Independence. Till this declaration was announced or made, United Sates was under the colonial rule of the Great Britain.

The primary reason towards the Declaration of Independence was basically the purpose to inform or announce to King George III regarding the fact that the thirteen colonies which were previously under British rule were now free in spite of their disagreement.

Desire for freedom can be taken as the first and the most important reasons for the Declaration of Independence. They saw a light of freedom within this declaration and gave them a solution to the exploitation and injustice that they were experiencing due to the political as well as the social boundaries with Great Britain. There were various other reasons that made people revolt against the British and declare independence. These included taxation without any representation or justification but then this was only one of those innumerable reasons that led to the Declaration of Independence.

Tyranny was another potential reason wherein it was observed that the British had even taken lives of several colonists just because of the fact that they protested against them for unnecessary taxes. All other factors such as prohibition to form any law, forced to follow their rules, injustice, cruelty, selfishness, etc too drove people to go against them.

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Reasons For The Declaration Of Independence




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What-Is-The-Declaration-Of-Independence      Declaration of Independence is perhaps amongst the most influential documents as far as the American history is concerned. Several other countries too have made use of its tone and procedure in later stages. As far as the complete information about the Declaration of Independence is concerned, it is worth knowing that an independent resolution was passed on July 2nd which aimed at breaking the rules of Britain and gaining independence fro all the colonies that were under their rule. More..




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