What Is The Declaration Of Independence ?  

Declaration of Independence is perhaps amongst the most influential documents as far as the American history is concerned. Several other countries too have made use of its tone and procedure in later stages. As far as the complete information about the Declaration of Independence is concerned, it is worth knowing that an independent resolution was passed on July 2nd which aimed at breaking the rules of Britain and gaining independence fro all the colonies that were under their rule.

All these colonists had been fighting for a very long time for their own independence even proclaiming their allegiance towards the crown, but all their expectations and demands were being ignored and this was the time that they decided to take some serious action. Thus they came out with the Declaration of Independence in front of the whole world. This was drafted by Thomas Jefferson.

The Continental Congress had appointed a committee on 11th of July, in the year 1776, that included five men for this declaration. They were Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, John Adams, Robert Livingston, and Benjamin Franklin. Jefferson took the task of drafting the declaration. After completing the draft, he presented the document to the entire committee. Then the committee members revised the whole document and submitted it to the Continental Congress on June 28th after which the Congress voted for their Independence on 2nd of July. After making a certain changes in the document, Declaration of Independence was finally adopted as well as approved on July 4th. This then provided these colonies the desired freedom.

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What Is The Declaration Of Independence ?




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Who-Is-The-Person-Who-Wrote-The-Declaration-Of-Independence      The draft of Declaration of Independence was basically the result of a very long period of torture which aimed at acquiring the liberty as well as equality which was clearly transcended onto this document which ultimately is known for powering the growth of the United States. More..




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