Who Is The Person Who Wrote The Declaration Of Independence ?  

The draft of Declaration of Independence was basically the result of a very long period of torture which aimed at acquiring the liberty as well as equality which was clearly transcended onto this document which ultimately is known for powering the growth of the United States.

Thomas Jefferson was the person who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Congress had selected a committee for drafting the declaration which was formed by five people. This draft was thought to serve as a direction in the future towards their independence. Out of all the five members of the drafting committee, Thomas Jefferson was given the responsibility of writing the draft for the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson was just thirty three years old at the time he was given such a huge responsibility. There were several reasons behind choosing Jefferson for this task which included the fact that he was a Virginian, his reputation in the field of literature, his talent to express things excellently through his writing, and various other such qualities that he possessed. Jefferson drafted the document from June 11 till 28th of June and then presented this to the Congress for knowing the changes if they wanted any.

The Declaration of Independence is no doubt the most cherished representation of freedom for the United States which was drafted in a language that not only brought out the sentiments of the people in the best possible manner but also laid the foundation towards assurance of equality, freedom, and political independence for everyone.

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Who Is The Person Who Wrote The Declaration Of Independence ?




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