Who Refused To Sign The Declaration Of Independence ?  

As per Thomas Jefferson, the person who drafted the Declaration of Independence, the document had an aim of placing before the mankind the common sense of matter as far as commanding their assent was concerned. Thus the purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to explain as well as announce the independence of the US from the British rule.

The Declaration of Independence as basically authored and drafted by Thomas Jefferson on June 11, 1776, the draft was then presented to the Congress for any further suggestions. It was then to be signed by the members of the committee. Many people are under the misconception that 4 July 1776 was the date when the Declaration was signed. But in reality, the signed Declaration came in a later stage.

On July 19, 1776, The Congress had ordered a copy of this declaration to be signed by the delegates. It was then signed by almost every delegate but there were still a few people left who either could not sign it due to some reason or just refused to sign it voluntarily. Most of the people had signed it on August 2, 1776 while some signed the document later. There were 3 delegates who never ever signed the Declaration of Independence. They were John Dickinson, Thomas Lynch, and Robert Livingston. Whereas the latter two could not sign out of some reasons though they had never refused to sign but John Dickinson was the only patriot who had actually refused to sign the Declaration of Independence. He thought it to be premature and thus refused to sign the document.

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Who Refused To Sign The Declaration Of Independence ?




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Who Refused To Sign The Declaration Of Independence ? )
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