Facts About The Eiffel Tower  

Eiffel Tower is amongst the most popular tourist attractions throughout the world, people from all parts of the world wish to visit this historical attraction at least once in their lifetime.

Though people are aware of Eiffel Tower, there are certain important facts that they might be unaware of. Given below are some of these interesting facts that might help people know even more about Eiffel Tower:

  • Eiffel Tower has been nicknamed as the ‘magician of iron’.
  • The erection of the Eiffel Tower actually began on 26th of January 1887 and was completed on 31st March 1889.
  • Its erection took almost two years, two months and five days right from its beginning to the finish.
  • Alexander Gustave Eiffel was the person who built this tower. He was the main architect though several other engineers helped them complete the task.
  • Eiffel Tower is about 324 meters tall.
  • The materials that were used for building Eiffel Tower included wrought iron of the highest quality.
  • It was built using around 9,441 tons of the wrought iron.
  • 60 tons of paint was required for painting the Eiffel Tower.
  • It is painted after every seven years using three brown shades with the darkest shade used at the bottom.
  • It is painted using brushes even today.
  • One can easily see about 42 miles in clear weather from the top of this tower.
  • During the gusty winds, this tower sways up to 15 cm at its summit.

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Facts About The Eiffel Tower




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