How Long Did It Take To Build The Eiffel Tower ?  

Eiffel tower is one of the most visited monuments in the world and it has its admirers in almost every part of the world who come and visit this tower in order to satisfy their inner desire. But one question that people often think about and have even raised many a times is regarding the time period taken for building the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower is a great structure located in Paris that towers above the low lying houses in this capital. This tower has been named after its designer called Gustave Eiffel and even today it is the tallest structure within Paris which is at 1,063 feet. In the beginning, it was constructed as one temporary structure, which was to function as the entrance for the Exposition Universelle which is a world fair exhibition. Eiffel tower was actually completed in the year 1889 and was known as the tallest tower in the whole world at that point of time.

300 workers made use of 18,000 individual pieces of wrought iron for the making of this structure. Well as far as the time period taken for its building is concerned, it is actually 2 years as its building began in the year 1887 and it was completed during the year 1889. Eiffel Tower got opened on the 6th of May in the year 1889.

One can visit the Eiffel Tower from top to bottom as it hold 2 lifts that makes the whole task quite easier. One cannot see much from its top at a bad weather but a clear weather offers a lot to people.

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How Long Did It Take To Build The Eiffel Tower ?




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How-Tall-Is-The-Eiffel-Tower      Eiffel Tower is considered as the tallest man made wonder in France. This massive structure represents the great art of its time. It is owned by the city of Paris and it is one of the most popular landmark destinations for people from almost all parts of the world. This magnificent tower which is also called as the ‘Iron Lady’ is amongst Seven Wonders of the World. Millions of people visit this tourist attraction in order to appreciate the man made beauty. More..




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