How Tall Is The Eiffel Tower ?  

Eiffel Tower is considered as the tallest man made wonder in France. This massive structure represents the great art of its time. It is owned by the city of Paris and it is one of the most popular landmark destinations for people from almost all parts of the world. This magnificent tower which is also called as the ‘Iron Lady’ is amongst Seven Wonders of the World. Millions of people visit this tourist attraction in order to appreciate the man made beauty.

Eiffel Tower can be seen from all parts of Paris and, thus, one cannot miss seeing this tower if visiting Paris. Eiffel Towers is known for sanding at a height of about 300 meters which is 984 feet. This shows that it has got double the height of the Washington Monument. It is even twice as high as the dome of St. Peter's church found in Rome as well as the Pyramid of Giza located in Egypt. The total height of Eiffel Tower is around 1,052 feet.

One can easily see as far as around thirty-seven miles from its top. The Paris tourism has found that around 6.8 million people have visited the Eiffel Tower. There are two restaurants found on Eiffel Tower that make people enjoy this wonder even more. It also has a small post which is amongst the most romantic places throughout the world. Lovers from various parts of the world dream of spending a romantic evening under this tower loving each other at such a romantic place.

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How Tall Is The Eiffel Tower ?




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Where-Is-The-Eiffel-Tower-Located      Eiffel Tower is amongst the most popular and internationally acclaimed landmarks of France that has made it mark in the hearts of people across the world. France which is known for its architecture, art, and cuisine has gained extreme fame due to the Eiffel Tower that it owns. More than just a historic landmark, Eiffel Tower has become a symbol of pride for the whole world. More..




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