Where Is The Eiffel Tower Located ?  

Eiffel Tower is amongst the most popular and internationally acclaimed landmarks of France that has made it mark in the hearts of people across the world. France which is known for its architecture, art, and cuisine has gained extreme fame due to the Eiffel Tower that it owns. More than just a historic landmark, Eiffel Tower has become a symbol of pride for the whole world.

When the Eiffel Tower was built in the year 1889, it was just an entrance for the World’s Fair that is held by Paris. As far as the questions regarding the location of Eiffel Tower are concerned, it is worth mentioning here that the Eiffel Tower is situated in Paris, which is the proud capital city of France.

Paris is amongst the most significant locations not just in France but also throughout the world. Eiffel Tower again is also located near various important buildings in France for instance the grand Prime Minister’s palace and France’s national Assembly. Anyone who is either working or living in the vicinity notices the imposing structure called the Eiffel Tower.

More than just a national icon, Eiffel Tower has been successful in capturing the hearts and minds of people throughout the world and stands evidence to the French culture. Previously Eiffel Tower was considered as the tallest building in the whole world. Paris is counted as one of the most romantic places across the globe and lovers are most excited to visit this place and spend an evening together under the great Eiffel Tower.

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Where Is The Eiffel Tower Located ?




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Who-Built-The-Eiffel-Tower-In-Paris      Eiffel Tower which is an imposing iron structure stands tall at around 1,052 feet in the beautiful city called Paris. It symbolizes the great architecture and art that France holds. Today, this historical landmark graces the skyline of France, marking Paris on the world map for being one of the most attractive tourist destinations throughout the world. Eiffel Tower had been named after the person who actually gave it the shape and structure that it holds today and the one who made it a reality and made the whole country proud. More..




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Where Is The Eiffel Tower Located ? )
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