Who Built The Eiffel Tower In Paris ?  

Eiffel Tower which is an imposing iron structure stands tall at around 1,052 feet in the beautiful city called Paris. It symbolizes the great architecture and art that France holds. Today, this historical landmark graces the skyline of France, marking Paris on the world map for being one of the most attractive tourist destinations throughout the world. Eiffel Tower had been named after the person who actually gave it the shape and structure that it holds today and the one who made it a reality and made the whole country proud.

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel is the name behind this beautiful creation that people from all parts of the world desire to visit at least once in their lifetime. He was born on December 15th in the year 1832 in France itself. He had never ever imagined in his wildest dreams that he would one day create one of the world’s greatest and the most popular structures. Eiffel Tower got completed in two years and it was ready by the year 1889 just at the right time when the nation was about to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

At that point of time, Eiffel Tower was the tallest building throughout the world which was later replaced by the Chrysler Building situated at New York. As far as the popularity of this great monument is concerned, it can be judged by the fact that in its first year itself almost two million people had visited this tower. This tower has maintained its popularity right from its beginning.

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Who Built The Eiffel Tower In Paris ?




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