What Year Was The Statue Of David Finished ?  

If one has to cite an example of a masterpiece from the Renaissance Period, the statue of David should come up first in our minds. It is a Carrara marble statue based on David, the hero of the Bible. Initially, it was decided that a series of prophets’ statues were to be made, aligned with the roofline of the eastern side of Florence Cathedral. But now the famous statue is in Palazzo della Signoria, which was made accessible to the public on 8th September in the year 1504.

The statue of David took four years to be built, from the year 1501 until 1504 by Michelangelo, the famous painter and sculptor of the Middle Ages. The marble needed for building this masterpiece came from the quarry of a small town Apuan Alps in northern part of Tuscany called Carrara.

The construction of the statue has a lot of history to it. There were several obstacles and problems which sprung up during its making. Initially, in the year 1463, Agostino di Duccio, a sculptor from Florence was assigned to build this statue. Three years hence, on the death of his associate, Donatello, he had to be put off from the project. Ten years from then, another sculptor, Antonio Rossellino was given this task. However, due to some reason, his contract was also terminated leaving the statue unfinished, looking like a block of marble. It was on August 16 in the year 1501 that Michelangelo was officially contracted for this project. Now the statue of David is counted as one of his masterpieces by the world.

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What Year Was The Statue Of David Finished ?




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Where-Is-The-Statue-Of-David-Located      The statue of David is one of the most studied works of art in the world. It is an example of brilliance of the European art world. The statue was completed by the celebrated artist and sculptor of Italy, Michelangelo. It was made public on 8th September 1504. However, just prior to its completion, on 25th January of the same year, the authorities of Florence, where the Statue was being made, called up on a number of art and sculpting experts, including the likes of Sandro Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci to decided upon an appropriate place for its placement. More..




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What Year Was The Statue Of David Finished ? )
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