Where Is The Statue Of David Located ?  

The statue of David is one of the most studied works of art in the world. It is an example of brilliance of the European art world. The statue was completed by the celebrated artist and sculptor of Italy, Michelangelo. It was made public on 8th September 1504. However, just prior to its completion, on 25th January of the same year, the authorities of Florence, where the Statue was being made, called up on a number of art and sculpting experts, including the likes of Sandro Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci to decided upon an appropriate place for its placement.

At first, the Statue of David was decided to be kept on the eastern roofline of Florence Cathedral. However, during its completion, the Statue was weighed to almost 6 tons. At that time, hoisting a structure of that weight up to the roof of the said cathedral did not seem possible.

The citizens of Florence, who were called to make the decision of the appropriate site, came up with nine alternatives. However, two locations were short listed at the end. One was under the roof of Loggia dei Lanzi on Piazza della Signoria, and the other one was at the entrance of Palazzo della Signoria, the town hall of the city of Florence.

On June of 1504, the Statue of David was placed at Palazzo Vecchio’s entrance. However, the roof of the Cathedral of Florence was coveted with a replica of the statue, made out of fiberglass for one day, on 12th November of that year.

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Where Is The Statue Of David Located ?




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Who-Sculpted-The-Statue-Of-David      The Statue of David is a famous piece of art and sculpture of the Italian history. It is also one of the most controversial right from the time of its construction, its site of placement, to the most recent, ownership issues. Yet, the statue is still studied and revisited by people all over the world for its sheer enigma and art. And the person accredited with shaping up this beautiful structure is Italian sculptor, painter, architect and engineer, Michelangelo. More..




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