Who Sculpted The Statue Of David ?  

The Statue of David is a famous piece of art and sculpture of the Italian history. It is also one of the most controversial right from the time of its construction, its site of placement, to the most recent, ownership issues. Yet, the statue is still studied and revisited by people all over the world for its sheer enigma and art. And the person accredited with shaping up this beautiful structure is Italian sculptor, painter, architect and engineer, Michelangelo.

Michelangelo was only 26 year old when he was awarded with the contract to build the Statue of David by the Operai of Italy, on 16th August 1501. A month later, from 13th September, Michelangelo started sculpting the masterpiece as it is today. He continued with his work for more than two years hence. On January 25 of 1504, the issue of choosing an suitable site for David crept up. This was because by that time it was found that the statue weighed around 6 ton.

The initial site decided for the placement of the Statue had to be ruled out as it was elevated to a certain height, hoisting up to which was posing to be a problem at that time. Thus, after much discussion with about thirty of the most eminent citizens of Florence including Leonardo da Vinci, the statue was finally placed at the entrance of the Palazzo Vecchio, the place previously adorned by Judith and Holofernes, a bronze sculpture by Donatello, later that year.

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Who Sculpted The Statue Of David ?




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