What Does The Statue Of Liberty Represent ?  

The Statue of Liberty is a symbolic representation of the American Independence. It is France’s gift and dedication to the US for the Declaration of the Independence. Thus the Statue is made aptly, depicting the Roman goddess of freedom, Liberta. The Statue, that way also represents friendship, liberty and openness. It was the only welcoming structure of New York port when airplanes were not common or was not invented. All the marine vessels entering the New York Harbor was first greeted by the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty is a towering structure, given the 151 feet height of the Lady itself. Moreover one look at the face of the Roman robed figure, and one can sense a feeling of pride. It is as if the Statue encourages everyone to look up, hold their heads high, with pride and self respect. Digging a little into the European history (as the Statue was built by French engineers), would reveal that they like to use feminine figures to represent their pride and express their independence and freedom. Thus, the Statue of Liberty was sent to the US as goodwill, truly celebrating the spirit of their independence and newfound freedom as a nation for a century. In fact, the Statue was really sent to the US as a friendship pact after resolving the Revolutionary War.

The raised right foot of the Liberty Lady indicates as sense of forwardness and continuity, as if continuing with the freedom and openness forever, encouraging the others to do so too.

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What Does The Statue Of Liberty Represent ?




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What-Is-The-Statue-Of-Liberty-Made-Of      The Statue of Liberty is not only one of the stateliest structures of the US, but also of the world. It is the product of French engineering and design of the nineteenth century and stands tall and proud at the New York Harbor. The Statue was made by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel and Maurice Koechlin, under the guidance of Frederic Bartholdi. More..




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