What Year Was The Statue Of Liberty Built ?  

The Statue of Liberty was basically a gift presented from France in the year 1886. The statue as well as the islands where it sits at present has several stories associated with them. The Statue of Liberty got completed in the year 1884; it was then dismantled for shipping throughout the Atlantic Ocean. This 152 feet tall statue was then taken apart into three hundred and fifty different pieces and was placed in two hundred and nineteen crates.

It took several years fro its reconstruction as well as final touches but finally the statue got unveiled on 28th October 1886. It satisfied and relived people on both the sides of the Atlantic. Both the nations had actually hoped of unveiling this statue in New York harbor during the year 1876 in order to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, but unfortunately delays in funds and construction had pushed all these celebrations back by ten years.

Thus as far as the question regarding the year, Statue of Liberty was built; it was built in the year 1886 after all the construction work and touch ups that it required. It is interesting to note that the Statue of Liberty what it is called in the present situation was originally called as Minnissais by the Mohegan Native American tribe for whom it meant ‘Lesser Land’. The Statue of Liberty essentially was a gift that was presented to the US as a symbol of friendship between the 2 nations. That was forged during the war of American Revolution but the whole process took quite a long time in terms of fund raising as well as its building.

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What Year Was The Statue Of Liberty Built ?




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