Where Is The Statue Of Liberty Located ?  

The Statue of Liberty is ranked amongst the most popular historical landmarks of the world. There is perhaps no one who would not want to visit this beautiful piece of art and capture it into their memories for their entire life. It stands in the New York harbor but its location has not been clear as always. This is due to the fact that originally this island called the Liberty Island where the Statue of Liberty is located was called as the Bedloe Island. It was then renamed in the year 1956.

Before Statue of Liberty got located in this island, it was basically a home for the Fort Wood which was actually built in shape of 11 point star. The statue and the pedestal are now known to be sitting upon this. This island itself holds a long history. It was considered as a quarantine station in the eighteenth century as far as smallpox victims were concerned. In addition to it, it is also believed to be a summer home for Earl of Cassils, a lighthouse, a place for refugees, a rental property, and finally it is considered as a defensive fort.

Statue of Liberty appears to be much closer to New Jersey as compared to New York and in real terms it resides in the New Jersey waters. However, as per the U.S Geological Survey, the Statue of Liberty had been established as part of eighth Congressional District of New York. But, New Jersey has never ever claimed rights regarding the island.

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Where Is The Statue Of Liberty Located ?




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