Who Designed The Statue Of Liberty ?  

The Statue of Liberty is not only a permanent symbol of the city of New York, but it is also considered as one of the primary symbols of its freedom. It was actually a gift presented by the people of France. It was presented as a gift on the completion of 100 years of independence of the US.

The Statue of Liberty has managed to keep its position intact even in the days of skyscrapers. It still forms an impressive sight. This statue is about three hundred and five feet tall from the surface of the earth. It was re-opened after an $87-million campaign in the year 1986. This campaign had actually refurbished and added a whole new gold covered flame to this statue which has made it even more beautiful.

As far as it construction is concerned, it was designed by a French sculptor called F.A. Bartholdi and it was basically built to commemorate the association of American colonies and France during American Revolution. The Statue of Liberty was shipped to its home New York in the year 1885, and it was then assembled on the Bedloe's Island the very next year. The Statue of Liberty is considered as a very powerful political as well as economic freedom possible in the US. There are several millions people who have already visited this historical monument whereas there are millions who visit it every year. This shows its popularity not only in its City but also across the globe.

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Who Designed The Statue Of Liberty ?




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