Why Is The Statue Of Liberty Green ?  

The Statue of Liberty is possibly amongst the most distinct elements related to US. But has anyone ever tried thinking about the fact why it is green? Yes, there are people who often raise such questions about it. Statue of Liberty, which is also known as La Liberté Éclairant le Monde, is located in France and it is about 151 feet copper clad statue. This statue was gifted to the US by the French in the year 1886.

This statue which stands on the Liberty Island commemorates the centenary of signing of US Declaration of Independence. This is known as one of the gestures of friendship that was presented by France to the US. A very famous architect called Viollet-le-Duc is known for making the choices of the copper that has been used in the construction of this statue. He is also known for adopting the technique which helped hammering the malleable metal on its reverse side.

But as far as the question of being the statue green in color is concerned, one must understand that this green color of the Statue of Liberty is mainly caused due to the chemical reactions that involve copper. These reactions have led to the production of green or greenish blue copper salts. This entire process that is basically responsible towards the green color is known as patination. This is a process involving copper reactions which ultimately leads to change in color of copper. So, this is the actual reason why the Statue of Liberty has a green color.

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Why Is The Statue Of Liberty Green ?




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History-Of-The-Statue-Of-Liberty      The iconic structure and America’s pride of the Statue of Liberty was actually a gift from France to the Americans. It was built and dedicated to the United States by French engineer, Frederic Bartholdi on 28th October 1886. The Statue is of a robber female figure, holding up a torch in one hand and a tablet in another. This feminine figure actually represents the Roman goddess of Freedom, Libertas. The tablet indicates tabula ansata, which is a tablet revoking the law. The date of the American Declaration of Independence is inscribed on it. More..




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Why Is The Statue Of Liberty Green ? )
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