Stonehenge Purpose  

Stonehenge which is a prehistoric monument made up of huge rocks and aligned in circular manner has perplexed scientists for a very long time period. It is located near Amesbury, YK and is considered as a world heritage. This famous monument was basically constructed in three major stages within the period from 2950 BC till 2900 BC. Its origin too holds several controversies. There are various beliefs that people carry as far as its construction or its purpose is concerned.

Several people believe that general orientation of axes of this monument at different stages in the development process was actually towards sunrise at summer solstice within one direction and towards the sunset in winters on the other hand. As far as the purpose of Stonehenge is concerned, it is still a mystery to the people as well as to the scientists studying it. There are several speculations made but no such conclusion has been met till date.

Though the modern astronomy could make use of such a structure for predicting eclipses, there are some archeological evidences that depict that the prehistoric users did not have any idea regarding any such thing. It appears that the Stonehenge will still keep on baffling the people for several more centuries just because of the fact that there are simply not enough proofs for drawing any such strong conclusion about its basic purpose as well as its use. Though there are certain evidences that it could have been used for some astronomical observations, there are not enough evidences proving the fact that they were actually used for such a purpose.

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Stonehenge Purpose




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What-Was-Stonehenge-Used-For      The most controversial subject about the Stonehenge is probably its purpose. This is something that people are completely unaware of and as far as the researchers are concerned, they too know the least about. It is very difficult to determine its original purpose or its actual use in light of the fact that the ancient builders have left the world with no such written records. There are various myths and believes prevailing amongst people but they actually do not agree with each other. More..




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