What Was Stonehenge Used For ?  

The most controversial subject about the Stonehenge is probably its purpose. This is something that people are completely unaware of and as far as the researchers are concerned, they too know the least about. It is very difficult to determine its original purpose or its actual use in light of the fact that the ancient builders have left the world with no such written records. There are various myths and believes prevailing amongst people but they actually do not agree with each other.

There are various theories concerned with its usage which range from the UFO landing sites till the advanced astronomical calendars. Determination of its purpose and usage is a problem both astronomical as well as archaeological. In the previous years, some of the most famous archaeologists had believed that Stonehenge was built for sacrifices and ceremonies but these beliefs were dismissed by the radioactive dating.

There was another theory that claimed that it was used as a burial ground for the citizens those had a very high status in the society and were economic ladder but this theory too was not undertaken by people as there were no bones found there. People may never get to know the real facts and it may always remain a mystery but the researchers are still trying to solve this ancient mystery.

It is even believed by some people that the Stonehenge was entirely a religious structure which was constructed for rituals and ceremonies. There are as many theories as there are people studying this structure but the whole conclusion is that the mystery is still unsolved and will perhaps take some more time to get resolved.

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What Was Stonehenge Used For ?




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