Where Is Stonehenge Located ?  

The famous monument Stonehenge which most of us proudly display as wallpaper is situated in Wiltshire towards west of Amesbury. It is largely composed of earthworks that are surrounded by a circular seating of parallel stones. It was the representation of the bronze or the Neolithic age.

It is situated in an area which happened to be the major burial ground. Many archaeologists strongly believe that this monument was discovered and composed during the year 500 BC. Some might predict 220 BC. The surrounding main standing stones were erected during 3100 BC. This particular site does make its way to UNESCO’s chart of World Heritage Sites. It appeared in the list of 1986 along with Avebury Henge monument. It is protected by Scheduled Ancient Monument.

This monument is actually owned by Crown and managed strongly by Scheduled Ancient Monument. It was also managed by English Heritage. There were cremated remains found on this site and it managed to appear for another 500 years. This monument is considered as the greatest prehistoric development that took place during the Bronze Age.

The main exterior will consist of standing stones each at a distance of 30 mts in diameter. The centre consists of a cromlech which is also made of smaller blocks. You might also notice blue stones along with sandstone monoliths. It was also considered as the calendar for positions of both sun and moon. The main circle is also placed in Brittany. The same monument is being drawn on a megalith which represents an axe. It is certainly one monument that emerging young archeologists might definitely have in the itinerary list of travel.

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Where Is Stonehenge Located ?




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Facts-On-The-Stonehenge      Stonehenge is a megalithic monument from the Bronze Age that was erected near about 2500 BC. This is a very popular heritage site apart from being one of the most famous tourist destinations. There are several mysteries that are associated with it especially in regarding its purpose and builders. More..




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Where Is Stonehenge Located ? )
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