Mona Lisa History  

Mona Lisa, the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, is one that denotes many mysteries. The pure form of what art can do is depicted in this painting. This 16th century painting left many speechless and still does. The viewer will have a different take every time he notices this painting closely. It is one of the famous paintings that drew many debates in the field of art, realism and religion.

Presently, it is under the possession of the French Government at Musee du Louvre. This painting is also known as La Giaconda. The name of these paintings derives from the Italian woman names Francesco Del Giaconda. Mona also means “my lady or madam”. It took Leonardo almost four years to complete this painting. It was then King Francois who purchased this painting eventually after Leonardo’s death. There are many speculations with respect to the actual painting. There are many historians who would give a completely new story every time.

Many also predict that there were actually two versions of this painting. However, some historians might not accept the second painting and its existence. Once, the French Revolution took place, the painting then smoothly went from Lourve to Napoleon and again Louvre. The painting gained major revolution during the Symbolist Movement.

In the year 1911, the painting got stolen from Lourve. The thief had stolen it from the museum and smartly walked out of the main door. The thief was none other than Eduardo de Valifierno who decided to make copies of this painting and fool millions. The paining of Mona Lisa was considered as an art of romance analyzed beautifully by a lover.

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Mona Lisa History




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Where-Is-The-Mona-Lisa-Now      Mona Lisa, which is also called La Gioconda, is an oil painting that belongs to the sixteenth century and has been done on wood by one of the most popular artists ever in the history of the world called Leonardo da Vinci, who is otherwise known as the ‘Renaissance Man’. At present the property is owned by the French Government and it hangs in the Musée de Louvre, located in Paris. More..




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