Where Is The Mona Lisa Now ?  

Mona Lisa, which is also called La Gioconda, is an oil painting that belongs to the sixteenth century and has been done on wood by one of the most popular artists ever in the history of the world called Leonardo da Vinci, who is otherwise known as the ‘Renaissance Man’. At present the property is owned by the French Government and it hangs in the Musée de Louvre, located in Paris.

Mona Lisa is one painting that finds its place in almost every possible museum throughout the world though in the form of a reproduction. There is a huge amount of substance present in this picture. Only a few art pieces have got such a mythologizing, parody, study, and scrutiny that Mona Lisa carries.

Leonardo da Vinci had started painting Mona Lisa in the year 1503 and it got completed in almost four years as per the sources. Mona Lisa currently hangs in Musee du Louvre found in Paris. This painting has been officially titled as ‘Portrait of Lisa Gherardini’. This popular masterpiece is amongst the most famous attractions at the Louvre. Leonardo da Vinci painted this creation between the years 1503 and 1506.

Though da Vinci’s creation has been reproduced in several forms, the original still holds its place and is still considered as the masterpiece that can never be compared with any form of art. Mona Lisa mania had begun long back in the 19th century and it still continues with the same passion.

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Where Is The Mona Lisa Now ?




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Who-Posed-For-The-Mona-Lisa      Mona Lisa, known as the best painting till date was created by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. It is the most amazing piece of art that has been painted till date. It still continues to inspire scientific theories, parody, reproduction, and much more. Mona Lisa painting celebrated its 500 years in the period from the year 2003 till 2006. More..




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