Who Posed For The Mona Lisa ?  

Mona Lisa, known as the best painting till date was created by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. It is the most amazing piece of art that has been painted till date. It still continues to inspire scientific theories, parody, reproduction, and much more. Mona Lisa painting celebrated its 500 years in the period from the year 2003 till 2006.

Mona Lisa painting has actually achieved status of a celebrity and is continuously a part of news articles throughout the world. Mona Lisa has been imitated or reproduced in various forms in the modern times, be it posters, greeting cards or any other form. It has even been reinvented as compared to any other artwork across the globe. The mania that had begun in the 19th century is still the same and people still consider it as one of the most beautiful piece of art every seen in their lifetime.

People often wonder about the lady who posed for this beautiful painting and wish to know much more about it. It is worth mentioning here that it was Lisa Gherardini Giocondo who had actually posed for Mona Lisa. She was 25 years old when this painting happened. She was the wife and daughter of very wealthy men, and it is also believed that her husband had actually paid the creator of this painting who was Leonardo da Vinci to get her wife painted. She had started off as Mia Donna Lisa which is known to get shortened and became Mona Lisa.

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Who Posed For The Mona Lisa ?




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Why-Does-The-Mona-Lisa-Have-No-Eyebrows      Mona Lisa, which is also called La Gioconda, is basically a 16th century portrait that was painted in oil on some popular panel by a famous artist called Leonardo da Vinci. This artwork was painted during the Renaissance period in Italy. At present, this piece of art is owned by the French government, it is kept on display in a museum in Paris under the title Portrait of Lisa Gherardini. More..




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