Creatism Vs Evolution  

People have always argued whether man was created or did he evolve. It is still an ongoing argument among them. The discussion of origins involves religious and scientific theories. There are so many theories revolving around this concept.

There are so many cosmic factors that point to creation that have to be taken into consideration, and also the natural facts that point to evolution.When you are arguing about creation and evolution, the whole thing depends on what exactly we are looking for. Creation is a term associated with religion in many cases with God playing the main role of a creator in it. Evolution is a scientific approach, and it follows a process through which man could have evolved. There are several evidences to support evolution, and there is no conclusive proof. For creationism, which is a religious belief, there is no evidence or proof, but just experiences of various people.

Creationism clearly denotes that there is a creator who made man, and is responsible for all of us and even guides our lives at a spiritual and emotional level. So, everything in the world, from the tiniest microorganism to the tallest of mountains and land, has been created by God. It is a very theosophical view. However, the life processes that take place for the formation of microorganisms and land and water are called evolution. Evolution also points out the natural descent of all living organisms and tries to bring out the similarities in all living beings.

It can be said that science has more evidence than the concept of creation.

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Creatism Vs Evolution





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