Darwin Theory Of Evolution  

Darwin’s theory of evolution states that all life has descended from one common ancestor. For example, the birds, the bananas, the flowers and the fish are all related to each other, and perhaps came from the same ancestor. Also, he suggests that life developed from a non living thing, and all are related in some way or the other.

In brief, random genetic mutations take place within an organism, and give birth to a newer being. This is the fundamental process of evolution. It is common for random genetic mutations to occur in any organism or living being. The genetic mutations that are good are preserved within the body, and this is explained by the theory called the survival of the fittest. The next generation gets the benefit of the genetic mutation. Over a period of time, the genetic mutations completely give birth to a different organism.

Using the genetic combinations and the theory of natural selection, several people like agriculturists and breeders are able to get the best and desired results. Darwin’s theory of evolution helped mankind in several ways. The causes of several diseases could be determined, and also prevention was easier.

Today, we get to eat the best of vegetables, and enjoy hybrid quality fruits. Agriculturists and farmers are able to produce fruits and vegetables faster. All these things are possible because of desirable genetic mutations. The theory of natural selection and the theory of evolution have many findings that are helpful in the study of genetic biology.

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Darwin Theory Of Evolution





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