Different Theories Of Evolution  

Evolution is a natural process, and it has been continuing for several ages. It is because of evolution that there is so much variety in living organisms and beings.

According to Charles Darwin, in his theory of evolution he explains that all living organisms originated from the same ancestor. There are several similarities among various types of organisms, and this process of evolution has been taking place for a long time.The theory of natural selection also aids the theory of evolution. In biological terms, the word evolution means the change in genetic material that causes a completely new organism to be born. The new organism will store the genetic mutation, and this is called as the process of natural selection.

However, a new living organism is not born out of one single mutation. This type of genetic mutation could have been taking place for several ages, and the final organism is a result of the series of genetic mutations. That is why genes are passed on from one generation to the other. The mutations and the genetic codes are also passed down. So, evolution is basically a combination of two different processes. One process opposes the other. One seeks changes and brings about variation, and the other process makes the combination repetitive or more common. Both these processes take place at the same time. Along with the process of evolution, the process of adaptation also takes place. The process of genetic rearrangements can make several combinations possible in a systematic way.

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Different Theories Of Evolution





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