Evolution By Natural Selection  

The theory of natural selections is one of the greatest theories of evolution in the human history. It has completely changed the way we view the world. Charles Darwin thought of this theory, and he put forth his ideas on it.

He believed that all living organisms came from a single organism or simply put that everything that is living on this earth has the same ancestors.By the 19th century, evolution became the common concept and most people started believing that man evolved from organisms, and was not created. There are several evidences that support Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

One is that no one exactly knows how old the earth is and how long life has existed on the planet. The earth might have existed even before the dates suggested by the Bible. Geologists who are learning more about the strata are figuring out that there is no way to tell the actual age of the earth.

To study the evolution of earth itself geologists are studying the past and present conditions and comparing them in order to find a key to the past. There are several processes such as erosion and deposition of sediments.

During the 18th and 19th centuries there was a lot of excavation taking place, and during this time several fossils were found. They could have been of the species that were still living centuries ago on earth. Soon enough dinosaurs were found.

Several similarities among microorganisms and smaller group organisms were found while collecting more evidence for the theory of natural selection.

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Evolution By Natural Selection





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