Evolution Evidence  

First of all, people have to understand the difference between evidence and proof. Evidence is valuable information suggesting the possibility of the fact that we are trying to prove, while proof concludes the possibility.

As simple as it sounds, we have a lot of evidence until date about evolution, but proof for nothing. However, we have been learning about evolution since Darwin suggested the theory of evolution and the theory of natural selection.According to these theories, all organisms share a common ancestor, and we all are probably derived from the same organism. It is a highly possible thing to happen. Organisms take different forms by following a different gene mutation. The best gene mutation is stored by that species, and all the offsprings that are born out of it are born with the same mutation in different combinations. This has been explained through the survival of the fittest, which means that the best will survive. Other gene mutations that are not favorable are lost.

The evidence for evolution can be found through homology which describes the extreme similarities in bone structures of several species of living beings. Evidence is from embryology where how an embryo forms and develops into a living being has been observed. There are several similarities between the life processes of various organisms. Darwin came up with the theory of evolution by observing in nature. He observed the characteristic traits of several beings, and concluded that we all have the same ancestor probably. The strongest and the most tangible kind of evidence is available through fossil records, and observing fossils of extinct animals and present living beings.

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Evolution Evidence





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