Evolution Of Cats  

The cats have had a genetic timeline, and over millions of years they have undergone several changes. Though not all of them are known to mankind, the timeline has been maintained for the species for which the fossils have been found.

They have been broken down into 4 distinct periods.The oldest of the cats to roam the earth was 25 million years ago, and they were the saber tooth. The Dirk tooth came a little while after, and in the next 10 million years the barbourofelis appeared. And, 5 million years later after that there were the panthera, larynx, and acinonyx. In the last one million years, the species like tiger, lion and leopard evolved. These animals are important for the evolution chain, and unlike these animals, the house cats have no prominence in the human evolution cycle at all.

Some experts thought that the Egyptians were among the first of the people to domesticate the cats around 3,600 years ago. Some archaeological records indicate that the cats could have been domesticated nearly 10 thousand years ago. This is the time when agriculture was developing. The cats were domesticated mainly around the house to safeguard the harvested grains from mice, and also they found food near human settlements. Over a period of time, the cat has adapted itself to be an aloof, affectionate, savage and peaceful animal. Even today, the house cat remains to be one of the most popular pets in the world. Today, more than 600 million cats live with people as pets worldwide.

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Evolution Of Cats





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