Evolution Of Dolphins  

The dolphin is a charismatic, intriguing and lovable creature. Several humans love dolphins among all the sea animals because they come across as friendly and entertaining. However, where did these dolphins come from, and how old are they in reality?

The dolphins could have come from animals that existed in the Arabian Gulf Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, which is also known as the ancient Tethys Sea. It could have been more than 50 million years ago that these animals were first seen. Due to the volcanic activity around the world the size of the sea could have been expanded and hence the dolphins also spread as animals.

However, where the first cetaceans developed from their ancestors did is a very mystical fact and there is no fossil or evidence of this transformation. Were there even ancestors for the animal or it is in the same form ever since is also a question that has been unanswered. The most primitive form of cetaceans was found to have elongated bodies and they were completely aquatic. Also they were well adapted to the oceanic environment. The oldest fossils were found in Egypt, and could have had similar behavioral characteristics. The natural selection process at this time preferred faster and more agile fish. Dolphin developed those characteristics and even today if you notice it is a very agile creature and can swim at incredible speeds. The modern dolphins are completely evolved creatures which have several differences in features compared to its ancestors including the skull bone and intelligence level also.

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Evolution Of Dolphins





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