Evolution Of Elephants  

The elephants are classified as the Proboscidea biologically. The elephant is one of the most prehistoric creatures roaming on earth. The elephant is capable of very complex behavior, which can be compared to only humans.

It can use complex tools, and has a great memory and also curiosity. It also has reverence for a dead member of its family. Elephants are extremely attached to their babies, and they protect them for a long time until they grow up just like human beings do with their babies. There are several such qualities the elephants have that are shared with human beings.Around 60 million years ago, elephants were capable of living under the most diverse climatic conditions. They could live in deserts, high altitudes, tropical rain forests and extreme environments. The only places that the elephants never lived in were Australia and Antarctica. However, the elephant’s ancestors have practically occupied every other continent on earth.

Today, there are only two kinds of elephants existent on the plant, the Asian and the African elephant. They are slightly different from each other. All the other kinds have become extinct, and this could have happened thousands of years ago. One of the reasons could be that the elephant lacked the adaptation to the fast changing environment and that is why they became extinct. The particular genus of elephants has become extinct, and there could be a stronger underlying reason for that. The current day elephant, both the African and the Asian variety, has a wide variety of features that help them sustain several variations in the environment.

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Evolution Of Elephants





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