Evolution Of Man Chart  

If man is what he is today, the reason is evolution. Man was an animal ever since he learned to use his two feet to walk. Being bipedal, humans had to meet with the challenge of outrunning or climbing away from their predators.

Only through cooperation and gathering in numbers they could fight their predators. For nearly two million years, the earliest hominid was a tribal animal and also an herbivore.After that, humans developed hunting skills and soon became predators themselves. Most of the social attributes in human beings developed much before they had the intellectual ability for them. So, human beings can be considered as instinctive creatures. There are several instincts in human beings that can be found even today like mother’s instincts, compassion, cooperation, competition and inventiveness. These qualities have always existed in human beings.

Also, several of human instincts were essential for the survival of them. Human beings' basic instincts were inquisitiveness and exploration. They were very curious even during the prehistoric times. That is what led to the several of the functions. About five million years ago the human beings could have been very small and also were living both on sea and land. They were excellent swimmers, and they ate mostly sea food. Even today, we find these swimming qualities in babies.

Man’s evolution is the longest process among all other creatures because the man is the most advanced being of all. Also, human beings have outlived their predators that have become extinct and they are now the superior most and dominant beings. That is why they stand at the top most position in the chain of survival.

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Evolution Of Man Chart





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