Evolution Of Monkeys  

Monkeys, humans, gorillas, and apes all have common ancestors. There are several common characteristics among them which tell us that these beings have the same origins. Monkeys were humans ancestors in a way or shared the same ancestors with humans.

It was about 5 million years ago that the first apes showed the hominid characteristics. It was called the Australopithecine, and perhaps this was the ancestor of the monkeys too.Monkeys exhibit several human-like qualities like social skills and emotional skills. Their living habits are very similar to human beings when it comes to existing in communities.

However, all fossils found today are compared to the Australopithecine. There are several types of monkeys that existed since million of years, and some of them have even become extinct. The distinctions of most of these species are made based on the shape of the skull. Through research it was found that the intelligence of animals increased as the size of the brain increased. Humans are classified as hominids, and are primates who have acquired a very big brain size. Also, the degree of intelligence shows their brain capacity. The monkeys are from the same branch, and even if they do not have as many capabilities of the humans, they still have several comparable qualities. They also belong to the same hominid family of beings. Even today, when the skull shape of the monkeys is compared to the primitive humans, they hold several similarities, while the shape of the human skull today is different from the primitive form.

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Evolution Of Monkeys





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