Evolution Of The Wolf Species  

The evolution of the wolf has been the most mystical thing for the biologists and people who have interest in the subject. Not much is known about the wolf and from where did it descend.

Wolves are prehistoric creatures, and they could have been a little bigger than the current day dog. The wolf has existed for more than 52 million years ago.The wolves are the ancestors of the canines and they came from the miacids, which were the first form of canids. Some of the biologists believe that the canids could have originated in North America. They eventually spread to Asia and South America. Some biologists believe that the canids could have originated in Asia, and then spread to America. However, the origins of these species are very unclear.

It is generally assumed that all wolves came from Canid species. The first of their kind could have been the grey wolf. It could have existed in the Eurasia region nearly one million years ago. The wolf is believed to have migrated to America more than seventy five thousand years ago. It was larger and also heavier, and this species of wolf become extinct due to climate changes. The prehistoric wolves lived in extreme cold weathers, and they had thick fur coat to protect their body from the severe cold. Such coats can be seen even today in the arctic wolves.

The wolf became extinct because its prey became extinct. Today, the version of wolf is much smaller and also it has an appearance more like the dog.

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Evolution Of The Wolf Species





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