How Does Evolution Work ?  

Evolution is the process which teaches all the living forms to adapt to the changing circumstances. Every single living organism has genes, and they mutate and cause changes in the organisms.

These changes occur in accordance with the changing environment. If the changes are desirable and allow the organism to bear many offspring, then that particular gene mutation will be passed on and the organisms will become more in number.Also, as the generations keep increasing, the organism may completely change in its appearance and look totally different than what the ancestors looked like.

Evolution is a fine balance between survival and existence. Most of the changes caused by evolution are for the best to survive. However, these changes have to take place in a natural way. If the environment changes faster than the organisms can change, then it is not good. That is when animals become extinct. Severe changes brought about in the living environment can bring about extinction. Evolution makes sure that only those species of organisms that can live in the changed environment and find it suitable can survive.

It can get a bit complicated to understand the evolution cycle of various animals. However, when you understand why evolution takes place and what kind of changes it brings about, it becomes very easy to understand the various animals that live around us. Evolution is an ongoing process, and as long the environment and living conditions change evolution keeps occurring. However, evolution happens over a period of few hundreds or thousands of years.

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How Does Evolution Work





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