Modern Theory Of Evolution  

Evolution and the theory of natural selection are used in the same context these days. Actually evolution in modern days is backed by a lot more evidence compared to Darwin’s times.

When Darwin defined evolution as a process of adaptation, it did not make any sense. Most people disagreed with the fact that all organisms came from a single organism and we all shared the same ancestors.However, today the same concept is becoming increasingly believable, and geologists have found so many fossils that are pointing to this fact. Everything is a process of evolution. Also, scientists often use evolution and natural selection interchangeably. Both the processes are very similar. However, Darwin saw them as two different scenarios. In modern evolution theory, the process of evolution, the theory of natural selection and the origin of species are all interrelated.

Evolution identifies the process of change brought about by genetic mutations in various species. The best mutation finds a way to survive on its own. It will become more in number and also live successfully. The theory of natural selection also explains the same thing about the genetic mutations that occur, and how the perfect set of genes lives longer. The theory of origin species also identifies the fact how different species evolve due to genetic mutations. All organisms depend on their genes for survival, and everyone is made up of a specific genetic code. This genetic code gets passed on to the offsprings. However, this genetic code is changeable, and it has several permutations and combinations. The good combinations stay, while the bad combinations are discarded.

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Modern Theory Of Evolution





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