What Does The Theory Of Evolution State ?  

The theory of evolution says that all animals and plants have their origin in their earlier existing types, and there are few discernible differences and modifications in the succeeding generations.

However, today there are several different definitions of evolution.Ever since Darwin explained the theory of evolution and the theory of natural selection, this has been a great subject of interest for evolutionary biologists around the world. Several researchers have studied the process of evolution in various animals and have found one common thing. That is all the preexisting organisms were similar to their successors.

The theory of evolution only states that with each generation of organisms, there are some changes that take place which is in accordance with the changing environment. Living organisms are constantly trying to adapt to the changing conditions. The living organisms are trying to adapt so that they can adjust in order to survive. If they do not change according to the changing environment, then they become the preys and will eventually disappear. That is how the prehistoric creatures have disappeared. Living creatures become extinct because of their inability to adapt to the changing environment. The theory of evolution has helped to understand the life cycle and timeline of several living creatures that existed millions of years ago, and are not around anymore.

Even today, there is a hot debate between creation and evolution. Most religious people would like to believe that human beings were created. However, science points in a different direction, and this is called evolution.

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What Does The Theory Of Evolution State





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