What Is Evolution ?  

Evolution is a natural process that occurs in living organisms that causes changes in them in order to adapt to the environment. Every single organism is born with genes.

These genes cause the very survival of the organism. The most successful genetic code will be able to create more organisms of its own kind, and they will survive to become the successful organism and they will also procreate.This has been explained by the theory of the survival of the fittest. That is all living organisms are related to each other, and the fittest of them of all will be more in number and will be able to survive.

However, the definition of evolution is quite confusing even for the best of scientists. Over a period of time the definition has undergone several modifications in several ways. Overall, evolution is looked at as a change. Every single living organism is evolving. Even in human beings the process of evolution can be observed. From one generation to the next, the change in characteristics and the features can be observed. These changes are brought about by unique gene mutations. The genes in living organisms are constantly adjusting to the environment, and are bringing about the desirable changes. However, some types of gene mutations that give birth to newer species are not desirable. These organisms with undesirable mutations perish over a period of time.

So, it can be said that evolution is not a biological event, but a natural one and that is the way life has been for several million years on this planet.

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What Is Evolution





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