Why Is Evolution Considered A Theory ?  

Evolution is a process where change in life is brought about due to environmental factors. Evolution defines the process of biological change in various living organisms.

This is a natural process that has been occurring for several million years, and this process has given birth to newer species, while several species have become extinct also a result.Change is the way of life, and that is how the world is the place it is today. According to Charles Darwin, who defined evolution as a process that describes all organisms were born out of one single organism and we all share the same ancestor, it is the genes and the changes in gene mutation that has caused or given birth to several species of organisms. Among these species, the best species will survive through proliferation and will continue life on earth. The species that cannot survive in the environment will become extinct. There are several reasons for extinction of a certain species like environmental factors, predators, and also lack of survival extinct.

The human being is credited with having the highest order of survival extinct. That is why the humans are ranked top most in their survival chain. Today, the tiger is in the bottom rung of the survival chain. The tiger is a predator, but it is becoming extinct because the natural environment required for its survival has decreased and changed by large.

That is why evolution is considered as a theory because the theory applies to the study of several beings that are on the extinction list and also newer beings that are emerging. However, there is not sufficient proof to show how extinction took place, or how new beings were created. All scientists can do is postulate. Hence, evolution is considered as a theory.

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Why Is Evolution Considered A Theory





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