Adaptation Of The Elephant  

Adaptation is a natural technique used from the smallest bacteria to human beings. Why do we all adapt? It is because only by adaptation to various circumstances we all can lead our lives successfully. Not adapting to the surrounding environment will cause more problems for us.

So, it can be said that adaptation is a process that takes place at a subconscious level without the realization of the process. For example, animals constantly discover better ways of adaptation to their surrounding even when there us a change in the environment.

Every living being has adapted in some or the other way in order to survive. Elephants have adapted in several different ways. The trunks that they have developed are used for different purposes such as eating grass, drinking water, and even holding on to things. The tusks serve several purposes for the elephant. The tusks are used to dig, throw objects and even pull down the trees if they want to. One of the main behavioral adaptations noticed in elephants is that they roll on wet mud to drive away flies. Also, they use their trunks to spray water on themselves when it is hot. The elephants use their ears to cool themselves by flapping them, and making the air cooler around them.

All these are various adaptation techniques followed by the elephant. In the process of evolution, many of these body parts may have developed later, but the elephants have adapted them to use nature and their environment for their survival.

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Adaptation Of The Elephant





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