Examples Of Behavioural Adaptation Of Animals  

Adaptation means adjusting to the environment for survival. Adaptation is common among all species, whether it is humans or animals. Only by adapting that newer means to live can be achieved. From every little insect to a big animal, they all have always adapted to the changing climate, geographies, and newer environments from historic times.

There are several kinds of adaptations. One is environmental where all living beings have to adapt to the changes in environment, and device newer strategies to carry on with their life. The other is behavioral adaptations. Humans and animals have made several behavioral adaptations throughout ages. For example, take dogs. They were carnivorous beings that were tamed by man. Over the years they have lived with men, and now have changed their behavior and have shed their carnivorous and hunting tendencies. Instead they depend on man for food. That is how dogs were domesticated.

When this type of change in behavior is adapted for several years, then even the off springs take over the same behaviorism. This has been proven by Darwin’s principle of adaptation. It is natural for any animal to adjust based on the changes. This adjustment is done mentally, and physically. Even their thinking undergoes several changes from time to time.

Behavioral adaptation has been widely studied in dolphins, elephants, dogs, cats and even mice. These animals make several changes in their interaction abilities and even food habits. These changes have been documented and a vast difference in behavior has been noticed in wild animals left in the wild, and the ones that have been domesticated.

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Examples Of Behavioural Adaptation Of Animals





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