Gender And Climate Change Adaptation  

Climate change is the current day is a global issue. It is also a global priority to reach an agreement with all countries towards solving the issue. While the climate is changing faster than the environment and people can adjust, several scientists are questioning if gender plays an important role in climate change adaptation.

Over millions of years, living organisms have been adjusting to changing climates. Climate change is having a significant impact on society and economic development.

Men and women react differently to the climate change scenario. Also, another interesting aspect of the climate change scenario is that men and women play different roles in climate change process, and they contribute differently to the greenhouse gas emissions. The human activities are different when it comes to these genders. So, as far as gender goes, men have to mitigate several ways to prevent the climate change process, and women have to adapt differently. Mitigation is a process where the greenhouse gases have to be curbed, and adaptation is a process where the vulnerability to such effects are reduced and also to build resilience to the fast changes.

So, in what way either gender can play a role is being discussed as far as the climate change goes. Today, it has been established that gender does play an important role in climate change adaptation. On the whole, there needs to be a collective effort and newer strategies in dealing with an issue like climate change and adapting to it at the same time.

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Gender And Climate Change Adaptation





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Gender And Climate Change Adaptation )
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