General Adaptation Syndrome  

The general adaptation syndrome stresses the importance of normal reactions undertaken by the body during various circumstances. Each of us reacts differently when we are faced with different situations. The general adaptation syndrome explains several of these reactions. One is when we are surprised or threatened, our body takes a natural physical reaction called the fight or flight syndrome. Even to fight infections and viral attacks, the body takes the help of the same syndrome.

This sort of prepares the body to suppress the immune system, and take care of the immediate muscular and emotional needs.Resistance is another such adaptation theory where it is observed that as the body gets used to fighting stressful situations, it automatically develops a resistance to it. So, when the body fights diseases and infections, we become more resistant to them. This is a type of adaptation for the body. The immune system in the body is actually adapting to the newer circumstances.

However, in the process of adaptation, the body is fighting very hard to maintain the balance and fight stress. This leads to weakness in the body, and eventually when the fight becomes too hard we may even die. No matter what kind of circumstances the body is adapting to, eventually it also becomes weaker as a side effect. The general adaptation syndrome should be worked out in such a way where there is a positive outcome, and the adaptation is smooth. Also, if you are overworking or frequently facing stress, it is best to take some time of or a break.

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General Adaptation Syndrome





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