Polar Bear Adaptation  

Polar bears can only live in severely cold places. They are excellent swimmers and can swim in any type of conditions without hesitation. Also, their stamina for swimming is very high as they can swim for several hours crossing long distances. They can even swim continuously for 100 kilometers, which is around 62 miles.

However, the polar bears are adapted to make this possible. The paws are such that they help the bears paddle, and the hind feet are used as rudders. The polar bear swims in extremely cold waters and the top of the water can be frozen in the form of ice. The polar bear's body has adapted to form 11 inches thick blubber, which helps to keep it warm.

The polar bear can swim at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour, and this is because their nostrils close under water. The polar bears can remain submerged under water for about 2 minutes. However, even now, nobody can tell how deep the polar bear dives. The body mass being high, the guess is that they can dive really deep. However, some researches estimate it to be only 6 meters. The polar bears body temperature is maintained at 37 degrees centigrade through fur, layers of skin and blubber. However, because of so many layers of protection, they have a tendency to get overheated. So, the bears move slowly and gradually in order to avoid overheating. You can often see polar bears swim in summers to cool down their body temperatures. The body releases heat through the thighs and shoulders.

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Polar Bear Adaptation





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